Why Edible Bouquets are a Practical Bet This Holiday Season

The flower bouquet is one of the things that first come to our mind regarding giving gifts in the holiday season. For the most part, the one receiving it is appreciative and grateful for it. However, it seems like the usual flowers in a bouquet no longer have that practicality most people look in a gift. That’s why most of the online sellers today as well as flower shop owners have come up with a perfect alternative to suit the demand for functional and practical gifts by coming up with an edible bouquet. It comes in numerous varieties, but the most popular options are doughnut and chocolate bouquets.

So, why give your loved one a chocolate bouquet this year?

1 – It is convenient.

Surely, you will feel loved and delighted if someone will give you a flower bouquet but what you don’t realise is after the initial admiration the next is work. You need to snip it stems, and water it regularly which turns out to be quite a handful task if you are busy with work. However, with an edible bouquet, no more maintenance needed since all you must do is to unwrap the delicious chocolate pieces and savour its delightful taste.

2 – No one says no to sweet chocolates.

Science also has something to do with chocolates and their charisma. Those people who have above average IQ’s will know that there are over 300 naturally occurring chemicals in chocolates that plays a vital role on the love strings in the brain by releasing neurotransmitters. Phenethylamine or also known as “the love drug” is the neurotransmitter that causes excitement, quickens the pulse rate and makes you happy. In short, eating chocolate is one of the best ways to enhance your mood and feel more pleased that is scientifically proven.

3 – Give something different.

Although flowers are beautiful, its wow-factor will eventually disappear over the years. Your special someone might be expecting to receive a gift that is beyond usual and giving them a chocolate Bouquets is one of the ways that could make them extra happier. Surely, your loved ones would be amazed if you provide them with something different like those yummy chocolate bouquets that come in different shapes and sizes.

4 – It is worthy of your hard-earned money.

Whether for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas, the chocolate bouquet will be the perfect gift you will ever give that will fit perfectly to your budget compared to flower arrangements that will cost you more.

5 – Chocolates are forever.

A flower’s life will only last for about a week or so, and inevitably, you will hate the dreaded mould that will occur when you forget to change the water. On the other hand, chocolates remarkably last long and will retain their quality and taste.