The Advantages of Digital Television Over Analogue

Digital tv antennas MelbourneWe’re currently living in an era where analogue TV is now a thing of the past. The television era is now heavily favouring the latest digital version of TVs. They’ve even started transitioning into full-digital. However, there are still some folks who are relying on their analogue antennas for network signals. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, it might be time to start thinking about making the switch as well.


If you’re among the small population of analogue users in this digital era, it’s time for you to start transitioning to digital TVs. To give you some solid reasons to do so, here are some of the advantages of digital TV over analogue.



Let’s first look at aesthetics. Unlike the olden days where the larger variant on any product is mostly considered as the better one. Nowadays, digital is focusing more on convenience, reducing the size while still providing better and more advanced features. Analogue TVs are huge, bulky, and heavy. They are much harder to move around, which is difficult for people who like to live in different places. Digital TVs, on the other hand, are also bulky and wide, yet are light and super convenient to carry.


Also, regarding bandwidth, Digital TV signals are also much more compact compared to analogue signals. What this means is that digital television signals take up less space within the bandwidth, providing more room for more broadcast stations to reach. Also, Digital TV antennas Melbourne are much smaller yet more powerful than the bigger and more complicated design of analogue antennas.




Digital TVs also take the medal for the best functionality over analogue TVs. Automatic digital tuners is an highly-advanced feature of digital television. What this does is it eliminates any sort of interference that TV signal might encounter before they are converted into motion pictures and sounds. This feature guarantees no distortions like static or snow on your reception, which is a pretty common theme for analogue TVs back in the day.


Full HD Experience

Finally, we can’t mention digital TVs without acknowledging it’s full high-definition capabilities. The best thing about digital television and digital TV antennas Melbourne is that they provide the best quality, picture-perfect reception. This feature alone can already give you the best reason to switch to digital television – that’s if you haven’t transitioned yet.


Despite it being obsolete now, we should acknowledge the usefulness and relevance of analogue TV back in its heyday. But it’s time has come and also time for people to start transitioning to the future, which is digital television.