Types of Reverse Cycle AC Systems

Reverse cycle AC units are heat pumps. These AC units like the Fujitsu split types draw heat from the outdoor space and deliver it to your room. A heat pump’s external coil is the passageway for a refrigerant to absorb the heat outdoors. The coolant is then sent into a compressor and finally delivered through a condenser inside your room. On the other hand, your usual electric heater produces heat into your room directly.

Heat pumps are recommended in areas that experience varied climates and where energy efficiency is an issue. Besides producing heat, it can as well cool your space during summer by reversing the flow of the refrigerant. Also, for each unit of power consumed to run this AC system, at least three parts of hot or cold air can be transferred. This why these systems will effectively lower your monthly electricity bills by a third, compared to when using old-style heaters.

As the use of ducted AC units become popular, more of its types are available in the market. The most affordable model is the wall mounted unit. Just like a mounted local cooling AC system, this is installed by cutting a hole in the external wall. You can as well remove a pane from a window. It is the most popular since it is ideal for a medium-sized room or office.

If you have a small house or room, you can then go for the portable unit. It is the ideal solution if you need heating and cooling in different small rooms at different times of the day or night. If you are for example you are prohibited from installing permanent AC system for instance in rental properties; then a portable unit is the only and best solution. The only downfall of a mobile ducted AC unit is that it more expensive when compared to the window mounted AC units.

Ducted reverse cycle AC units are usually installed in bigger houses and structures that require central heating and cooling the enter house or several rooms simultaneously.

Finally, Fujitsu split types are permanently mounted on the wall, the ceiling or the floor. The compressor is stationed right outside the home, while the condenser is inside. It is refrigerant travels through the piping. Since the compressor and condenser are located separately, a slip system is pricier than a wall mounted or window unit, but it operates with less noise.

If your location experiences extreme temperatures, ducted AC system will not only help you save on your monthly electric bills but also the environment. All you need is check your house’s needs and choose the type of reverse AC system that would best address them.