How to Use Novated Lease Calculator

When buying your dream car, you must be careful to ensure that you are making the right choice. The ideal vehicle will depend on how you intend to use the car. For example, if you need a car for business, a van will be great. If you are looking for a vehicle for a small family, then a sedan or hatchback will do. For those looking for a car that can help them relieve some adrenaline on the weekend, they can go for a sports car. It all narrows down to your needs. Once you decide the right car for you, your business, or family, the next thing is financing the vehicle buying project.

Buying a car is a considerable investment. No matter the size, design or type of car, you will always invest heavily for both the purchase and car maintenance. Therefore, you have to be very considerate of how you will finance the car before you make any decision. The best way is always saving money and then buy in cash. But since buying in cash isn’t possible at all times, many will turn to other financing options which include car loans and novated leasing.

In all odds, novated leasing is the ideal way to buy a new car. Unlike car loans, the interest here is low, and you get to take more money home. The reason behind is because deductions are remitted before tax. Also, unlike car loans, you can move from one employer to another freely. There is also the benefit of maintenance cost. All costs including repair and maintenance, fuel, insurance, towing etc. are included in the novated lease package.

For you to know how much you can save and which car you can afford through salary packaging, you need to use a novated lease calculator. This one is easy to use. It is an online calculator that will show you your cost savings, the salary you get to take home, how long you will pay, as well as the available options regarding the cost of the car.

The most significant part is that there’s no need for private data and the whole system is encrypted. You only need to input your salary, cost of the car, how long you wish to repay, how regular you will make the payments etc. the calculator will then do the calculations and display the results to you privately. This way, you will decide on which car to buy and know your savings.

To find the best Novated Lease Calculator – Vehicle Solutions is the site to visit. The online calculator here is well detailed but straightforward to ensure that anyone can use. What the calculator will show you is the exact deal you will get in writing as the system is regularly updated in case of market changes. They are the best partners when you are considering a novated lease deal on your dream car. Contact their representatives via email or call them for more info on novated lease deals.