Things to Consider When Planning a Stage Hire

Occasions such as festivals, concerts or convention will never be complete without a stage. It is a raised platform wherein entertainers perform to entertain guest or guests addresses speech for everyone in front of the crowd.

If you are currently planning for an event, a – stage hire is a great option to help you out. It offers ideal stages for events, festivals and concerts, name it, they have it. To help you select the best stage service for your event we sum up some of the factors that you should consider before you hire a stage service.


The first thing you should consider is the amount you’re going to spend. You can talk to them before creating your budget. They can assist you in creating a guideline for what you may need since the services of the stage hire company range in cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands. The value of your stage depends on the factors you wish to have like how elaborate the scene will be, the size, additional accessories and the amount of workforce needed to set it up and take down after the event. Hence, have a working budget in mind and keep attached to your financial reach.

The Style of the Stage you Desire

When it comes to styling, your options limits by your imagination. Always bear in mind that the style of your scene should blend with the theme of your event. Some views are sophisticated with theatre curtains. Also, some stages have wild and exciting appeal with pyrotechnics and smoke. That’s why it is suggested to discuss your theme with every event stage hire company that you will contact for you to select the best stage for your event.

Need for Cover

The good thing about hiring a staging service is it both offers open and with cover stages in a range of size to correctly grant all your needs. Whether you’re hosting a party or concert, you badly a need a stage that would be a centrepiece of your event. It is where – stage hire can make it possible. The factors stated above are the essential ones to consider as you search for a company to work.

Stages feature a variety of sizes and height. The usual height is 60cm with a maximum height of 90cm. Typically, we use a cover on all outside stages, but now, we can keep the sides open for secure entrance and exit from the scene and produces a set of steps if it is required. This type of stage is usually removed on the day of the event yet it is effortless to assemble. It is generally present at street festivals, fairs and outdoor markets.