The Risks of Not Removing Tree Stumps

Once you remove a tree, what remains is a stump. A stump is very unattractive and has no use in your backyard or property. Therefore, you should do everything possible to remove the stump as soon as possible. However, many property owners will ignore the need to remove the stump for as long as it is not getting in their way. But is it a must you remove a stump? Well, a big yes. For you to understand the importance of Stump Removal Gold Coast, this article will look at the dangers of not removing your stump.


Attracts Pests


When you leave your stump unattended, the stump will stay to decay, which is natural. The decaying process will take a lot of time – sometimes ten years plus, depending on the type of tree and also the size. However, the decaying process is not without trouble. We all know that pests such as termites and ants love wood. Since you will be paying no attention to the stump, pests will find a good home there and multiply. Soon, the pests will find their way into your property, and this will cause immense damage. This is one danger of leaving a stump unattended and a good enough reason to hire Stump Removal Gold Coast services.



Tree Stumps are Hazards


When you remove a tree and a stump is left, you will get used to navigating the area without the stump getting in your way. However, the kids and your guests do not know where the stump is, and even if they do, they will always forget. Therefore, they will end up tripping and get severe injuries. Many people have suffered permanent injuries as a result of tripping. You do not want your kids or guests get hurt by a useless stump, and hence the need to remove it as soon as the tree is cut.


Stumps Regrow


Depending on the tree, the stump may regrow. If you do not need the tree in your property, then you will keep on cutting down the tree, and if you let it grow, you will soon spend money on cutting it down again. Therefore, if you have decided you do not need a tree in that location, it is only wise to contact a Stump Removal Gold Coast company to do the removal. The experts will grind the stump to the ground and guarantee you that the tree will not sprout again. This will save you trouble and make your property useful. What are you waiting for? Get In touch with a tree stump removal company and have that stump in your property ground.