A Short Guide to Adelaide SEO in 2020 – The Things You Need to Focus on the Most

SEO in 2020 is going to be huge, and you deserve to know why and what are the things that are going to make a lot of noise in the new year. In this definitive Adelaide SEO guide for 2020, we’re going to cover the most critical SEO trends this year and how it will affect the online landscape in the coming years. In addition to that, you’re also going to see new strategies that are working great right now that you should continue. So, if you want to know how to improve your SEO strategies this year, you’ll definitely love what we have in store for you.


Domain Authority V.2


Long ago, domain authority was all about links and nothing more than that. Today that changes as Google is now evaluating your website based on ‘Expertise,’ ‘Authoritativeness,’ and ‘Trustworthiness.’ – a.k.a. E-A-T. In different ways, ‘EAT’ is now domain authority version two! Click here to know more about this significant change and how it will shake the online marketing landscape.


The Rise of Visual Search


Back then also, expert marketers regarded visual search as a myth. But not anymore – with the rise of video and images as the now popular form of media, we can now see visual search as more of a real thing rather than just a concept. Is visual searching an Adelaide SEO game-changer? Maybe not yet. But judging by how things are trending, visual search is poised to take the next big leap in 2020. Click here, and we’ll tell you what you need to know.


Video Continues to Dominate


Online videos have been a growing trend that many marketers monitored dating back to 2005. Right now, this medium is EXPLODING with both potential and success. In fact, Cisco predicts that online videos will make up to 80% of all online traffic by 2021. Yes, you read that correctly – 80%! What’s shocking is that it may still not satisfy the world’s craving for video. Even though there are more videos out there than ever, HubSpot claims that around 46% of people still want even more video content. So to sum it up simply, if a video isn’t part of your online marketing plans, you’re missing out on a lot of potential new clients and followers. So make sure you learn more about it by clicking this link and start taking advantage of what it has to offer.


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