Tips For Choosing A Cordless Circular Saw

Circular saws are excellent for making precise, angled cuts in wood or heavy-gauge material. Whether you are after a corded or cordless model, a cordless plunge saw, or a more traditional round wood saw, look out for power ratings, blade style and additional add-ons such as guide rails and laser pointers. The power of your circular saw can affect the speed and efficiency with which you cut; a higher power level means a faster cutting speed. However, the more influential the motor, the more you will need to compensate for that higher motor RPM.

Blades. There are two types of saw blades: the scroll saw, and the band saw. Most circular saws use a band saw blade with four carbon steel teeth per blade (eight if you count the blade profile). Scrolls have a single tooth per blade but make fewer cuts because they have more teeth.

Electric brake. Most circular saws have an electronic braking system, which means it runs even more complicated if you apply pressure on the switch or press the trigger. This is mainly a problem if you have small children around the house or work with sharp or jagged objects around the house or in or around the yard. A good quality electric braking system helps to keep you from accidentally cutting yourself when you are close to or overcutting a cut. Look out for models with safety features such as an automatic obstruction control.

aeg-circular-sawBattery life. The amount of time you’ll need to charge your saw’s battery depends on several factors, for example, how much you use it and how you use it, and of course, how many inches or circular pieces of wood you tend to cut. Bear in mind that cordless circular saws usually come with an extra battery pack so that you don’t necessarily need to buy another. It’s also a good idea to check that the cord isn’t too long, as this could lead to the cord getting in the way. The rule of thumb is to get at least half an hour of runtime from each battery.

Blades. Although most circular saws have metal blades, some models have ceramic, pneumatic or diamond blade options. It may be worthwhile to invest in high-quality electric blades as they are more likely to last longer than blades made of other materials. The quality of cutting teeth is also essential. Thumbscrews are used on some saws, while others use a pin vice.

Speed. A speed control offers the option of slower cutting speeds but can also be set for faster speeds when needed. A general rule is that the faster your machine can go, the less work it will need to do. Bear this in mind when buying a circular saw, as you may need to alter the settings for maximum and minimum cutting speeds.

Power rating. This is closely related to the size of the motor. The power rating of the aeg circular saw refers to the amount of horsepower you can handle while your saw is running. The more powerful the motor, the larger the tool and its cutting potential is, but remember to consider your intended use when setting the power rating.

Battery type. The type of battery you select depends mainly on how much you intend to use the tool and how far you want to carry it. If you are only going to use it for occasional use at home, you will probably not need to pay very close attention to this factor. However, if you plan to use it at a job site, it is a good idea to pay close attention to which type of battery you choose. Most cordless circular saws come with a battery pack that should be inserted into the grinder (or your power source).