Is Your Property Free from Asbestos?

If your property was built before the 1880s when asbestos was banned, then you have every reason to worry. Asbestos was famous in the construction industry before the ban, and so there are high chances that your property has some Asbestos Containing Material (ACM). You need to be sure of the condition of your property for your safety and that of the occupants. Any exposure to asbestos fibres can result in many health complications including asbestosis, lung cancer and other breathing-related problems. But how do you know if your property is safe? Well, you need to consider asbestos testing Adelaide.

When dealing with asbestos, you should keep in mind that asbestos in its solid state is not harmful. It is only harmful in its fibrous form. Therefore, you might have asbestos in your property and still be out of danger. Since you do not want to take any risk, the right thing is to contact an asbestos inspection company. The experts know how to handle such inspections observing all the precaution measures. They will take samples from your building or property in areas where they suspect ACM and then go ahead and do the testing. They will take the samples to an Asbestos testing Adelaide lab, and the results will be out soon.

With the results ready, the asbestos company will then decide on the right measures to take. There are three possible outcomes. First, the results may be negative, i.e. no ACM. It is the best result since you can be sure your family and other building occupant are safe from asbestos dangers. The second outcome may be positive. In this case, asbestos can be intact or in its fibrous form. When asbestos is intact, then you can be sure there was no prior exposure. However, you cannot be too sure of your safety, and so the asbestos company will offer several solutions. The best solution, in this case, will be covering the ACM, for example with concrete to ensure low chances of disturbing the material.

In the worst-case scenario, the asbestos testing Adelaide my show presence of asbestos fibres. In this case, you need to act as fast possible and have the ACM removed. The experts know how to deal with asbestos removal and will ensure the safety of everyone. They also know how to dispose of asbestos materials to avoid exposure and environmental damage. They will contain the situation, and everyone else will have peace of mind knowing that the exposure contained. If you think you or the building occupants were exposed before the removal, it is wise to visit a health centre for medical assistance.