If you are looking for a fun, relaxing outdoor activity, consider purchasing a kayak. Of course, the equipment you’ll need depends on your partner’s location and paddling experience. Wetsuits, float bags, and Dry bags are all great ideas but don’t forget to stock up on drinking water. Keeping hydrated is essential while kayaking and a drinks bottle will come in handy wherever you go.



If you’re considering https://outdoorplay.com/collections/kayak kayaking, a wetsuit is one of the essential kayak gear pieces. A wetsuit is a giant suit that blocks the water, allowing only a thin layer of air to pass through. These suits are designed to keep kayakers warm but are not entirely waterproof. However, the fabric’s non-evaporative heat retention means they can feel warm while kayaking

Float bags

Float bags for kayak gear are a great way to keep your gear safe and secure when you’re out on the water. They are available for most kayak types and come in several sizes and shapes. Float bags are generally easy to install, so you don’t need to spend much time doing so. A good tip for choosing the correct float bag for your kayak is to choose a size slightly larger than the compartment.

Dry bags

There are a variety of dry bags on the market, but they all serve a similar purpose: preserving your gear. Some are reusable, while others can be used to carry dirty clothes to the laundromat. Some even double as pillows. When choosing a dry bag for your kayak gear, consider how you plan to use it. For example, are you likely to store electronics in it? If so, consider buying one with a clear window that lets you see what’s inside.

Bungee cord

Bungee cord for https://outdoorplay.com/collections/kayak kayak gear comes in handy to attach a kayak seat or paddle to your other gear. It is easy to use, withstands shock, and can be easily cut. This versatile tool is available in various lengths to accommodate different applications. It has a latex rubber core that absorbs shock and is grounded with polyester for UV and abrasion resistance. Its hook and lock adjustment system wraps around the cord, ensuring the correct tension. In addition, the cord is vast, which allows you to attach additional items.

Yakpads seat pad

If you’re looking for a great seat pad that won’t cause you to sink, you should check out the Yakpads range. These innovative paddleboard pads are designed to protect your back and knees and are also great for foot protection. Made with quick-dry materials, these pads ensure maximum comfort while paddling. Let’s take a closer look at what these kayak seat pads can do for you.

Bilge pumps

Bilge pumps are an essential part of kayak gear. You can’t paddle without them! However, while manual pumps can help remove water on your kayak, they are not ideal for various circumstances. For example, they can fall into the water, so it’s crucial to find one that has a leash attached to keep it securely in place. On the other hand, an automatic bilge pump shouldn’t have these problems.

You may not need a kayak helmet if you’re only planning on light touring or relaxing on a calm lake. However, if you’re looking to take on the challenges of river or ocean kayaking, you may want to buy one. It will keep you safe from sharp rocks and other hazards and can even be stored in a dry bag when not in use. Other kayaking gear you may want include a waterproof patch and seal tape for your inflatable kayak.

A dry bag is a great way to protect essential items from water damage. Float bags are typically used for whitewater kayaks, while sea kayaks have bulkheads and built-in insulation. In addition, they’re helpful for kayaking trips in cooler climates because they prevent boats from swamping and riding high over rocks. Flotation bags are also available in split designs so that you can store other kayak gear inside them. Sponsons are inflatable flotation devices usually worn in pairs and valuable in situations where you might get swamped.

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