Essential Things You Need to Know About an Enduring Power of Attorney in Adelaide

In this article, we’re going to talk about one of the most commonly used terms in the legal field but also one that most people don’t know about. An enduring power of attorney in Adelaide, or EPA for short, is a common term that you’ve probably heard before. However, you may still not have an idea as to what it is or what it’s all about. It might imply something about giving power to an attorney – which is an accurate general description to it. However, there’s more to EPA than that. That’s why this article is dedicated to showing you some important things that you need to know about the EPA.

Choosing an Attorney for the EPA

Enduring Power of Attorney in AdelaideIf you plan to get an enduring power of attorney, nominating the right people for the task will be crucial. Keep in mind that you’ll be choosing at least two attorneys to claim authority over anything – your assets, money, properties, etc. The reason for this is that one will stand for the other if ever the other lawyer isn’t available. These lawyers that you will appoint can also choose to renounce their appointment at any given time before their enduring power of attorney takes effect.

When Will an EPA Take Effect?

Are you wondering when you should activate your enduring power of attorney in Adelaide? If so, then you should know some essential factors. For one, there are different situations or circumstances that need to be considered. However, among the situations available, we recommend the following:

After you and the attorneys have managed to settle with the terms of the EPA contract.

The moment you become physically limited or mentally unstable.

When you become mentally or physically disabled – whichever comes first.


Make sure you decide on who you’d want to determine your incapacity. Here are some of the following who can determine that:

  • Your significant other (wife or husband)
  • The two appointed lawyers
  • An appointed physician(s).
  • You can click to view a list of other possible people not mentioned above.

The Privileges of EPA

Once an enduring power of attorney in Adelaide comes into effect, the two lawyers that you’ve appointed for the task will have the following authorisations:

  • Full authority to appoint any of the powers given by the points stated in the EPA document.
  • Full authority to make use of their powers to protect your interests in circumstances relating to your assets and properties.

Get to know more about EPA. Check out our blog page now and learn more about the topic. You can also book an appointment with one of our expert lawyers if you’re interested in establishing an EPA and you want to make sure you set things right.