Reasons to Find Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide – Why You Should Get One for Your Home

When installing an air conditioning unit at home, the first decision that most people make is what system to install. Are you going for individual/multi-split system ACs or a fully functional ducted reverse cycle system? Both have their perks and benefits, and it highly depends on you and your family’s needs. However, the latter can be a fantastic asset to all homes. It blends seamlessly into the interior design of your home, making it easy to use and energy-efficient to run. In this article, we’re going to give you all the reasons why you should find ducted air conditioning Adelaide. Hopefully, we can convince you that it can be a sound your ideal air conditioning system.



Installing Ducted AC System at Home

A ducted air conditioning unit can be described merely as an inverter that provides either cooled or heated air. It flows through a series of ducts which passes the air through discharge grills that are placed strategically within your home for the best cooling and heating results. Once installed, the inverter is then suspended in your roof. The outdoor extractor unit will be conveniently placed out of sight. Only the return air, discharge and controller, grilles will be visible in your home.


It’s Australian Made

If you value the products that are made in Australian, then ducted air conditioning is for you. Brands such as Daikin and Condura have their products manufactured in Australia. Every unit is made to meet with Australian standards and is designed to withstand the harsh summer and winter climates.



Ducted air conditioners offer improved energy efficiency. This is due to their innovations on the use of a DC fan motor, increased outdoor coil passes, and cross-pass heat exchanger.


Superb Inverter Technology

An inverter system increases and decreases power gently. That way, it can reach the desired temperature quicker and can be maintained without much fluctuation.


It Features a Quiet Fan Mode

Quiet fan mode reduces the outdoor noise levels during your sleeping hours, automatically. Normal operations resume automatically during daytime hours. That way, you can have a diverse experience with ducted air conditioning.


Compact and Convenient Size

The indoor inverter is housed in a compact indoor casing that’s made for easy for installation.


Flexible Zoning

Heat up or cool down every room inside your house. Ducted systems provide the ability to zone spaces, maximizing comfort and energy efficiency. The position of the discharge grills can be tailored and adjusted to suit the room for optimum air circulation.

If these reasons don’t make you want to find ducted air conditioning Adelaide, then we don’t know what will. Nonetheless, this amazing air conditioning system will provide you with the best experience. So what are you waiting for? Order one today!