Tips to Keep Your Floor Tiles Adelaide Looking Good as New

Floor tiles are one of the most delicate and attractive things that you can have at home. However, as with many other features at home, it will need constant maintenance to make sure it will look it’s best. While there are many expert maintenance methods out there, you’ll only have to know these three expert tips to keep your floor tiles Adelaide neat, clean, and looking good as new. Continue reading to find out.


Learn Basic Floor Tile Cleaning and Maintenance

Since tiles are glazed, it’s quite resistant to dirt. To prevent it from looking old and worn out, make it a habit to sweep or vacuum your floors regularly. Doing so will keep them from getting dull. For stains such as mud and dirt build-up, you can scrub your floor tiles using a standard scrubber. You can also apply a mild detergent solution for the best results. When cleaning filthy floor tiles, make sure you change your water as often. Dirty water can leave cloudy marks on your tiles, which can ruin its overall appearance. Finally, when handling detergent, make sure you wear protective gloves.


Deep Clean Your Tiles Once in a While

While it may be resistant to dirt, it doesn’t mean your floor tiles Adelaide is completely immune to it. Time will come when constant foot traffic and natural accumulation of dirty will take over. That’s why you should deep clean your tiles every once in a while. If tile cleaners aren’t available, you can use diluted vinegar or fresh lemon juice to keep the tiles from getting grimy. We highly suggest you try out natural tile cleaning solutions. Not only are they great for the environment; but they also help you as well, budget-wise. However, if you do have the money, invest in heavy-duty floor cleaners that can deep clean your tiles. That way, any dirt or grime that have gone deep into your grout and tiles will also be eliminated.




Finally, you should also try re-grouting your floor tiles whenever you deep clean it. The grout area is where visible signs of mould and mildew can occur. That’s why you should perform re-grout once in a while. While it can be a time-consuming task, grouting can also be a rewarding one. It’s quite tedious, but if it brightens your grout and brings out the beauty of your tiles, then the effort will all be worth it in the end.


If DIY cleanups aren’t your thing, you can always hire our professional floor tiles Adelaide maintenance services. Visit our website for more information.