What Are the Signs You Must Consider Wearing Hearing Aids?

Seeing a specialist is the first thing you must do once you suspect that you are already suffering from hearing loss. However, if you are uncomfortable with that, then you need to know that you can also learn and pinpoint the signs that you’re gradually losing your hearing. So, for you to consider the prospect of wearing HC Audiology hearing aids, you must determine the symptoms of hearing loss. Since hearing aids can help in amplifying and separating sounds, it is undeniably the most convenient and useful option.

In terms of hearing loss, you may eventually notice several early warning signs in your behaviour like:

  • You keep on complaining that people are speaking too softly or mumbling.
  • You are experiencing difficulty in understanding conversations on the telephone.
  • Whether on movies or live theatre productions, you are having trouble understanding all the dialogue.
  • You prefer the television or radio louder over other people.
  • You tend to frequently ask people to repeat their selves, especially in noisy situations.
  • You are having problems understanding what people say when you can’t see their faces.
  • Compared before, you are becoming more impatient, irritable, frustrated or withdrawn today.
  • You have serious difficulty in hearing conversations, especially when in a group setting.
  • You have a hard time understanding at your house of worship or other public gatherings.

People experiencing hearing loss will have an average to normal ability to hear low and mid-pitch sounds like vowels. They also have difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds like consonants.

The letters that have their energy in the lower pitches or frequencies that are significantly easy to hear are the vowels. While the higher pitch consonant sounds like “s” and “sh” tend to be way softer and harder to understand. However, for both speech clarity and understanding, it is the high-pitched consonant sounds that are most critical.

Your ability to understand what the people say even in ordinary conversation is compromised as speech might sound loud enough but lacks clarity. In fact, when you are listening in background noise or when there is a broader distance between you and the talker, this problem becomes more noticeable.

Moreover, you need to understand beforehand that the use of HC Audiology hearing aids does not correct your sense of hearing back to normal. The hearing aids, instead, amplify sounds in a range of pitches where the hearing loss exists; and that is its primary function. Bells ringing, birds chirping, conversations from adjacent tables in a restaurant, or traffic noise are just a few of the sounds that this hearing aid can help you with.