In addition to the traditional loafer, you may want to consider wearing a pair of lace-up boots in the winter. These are great for cooler temperatures in fall and spring. Depending on your budget, you can even opt for a leather boot. Men’s shoes can also be found in a wide variety of styles.


Men wear formal shoes on specific occasions to express their status and culture. They want their footwear to complement their suits or dresses to project a sense of dignity and authority. In achieving this, men’s shoes must reflect a noble overall modelling style and exquisite artistry. The design process of mens shoes must focus on the balance and harmony of different materials and designs. High-grade men’s footwear is usually made of high-quality materials and unique features.


Styles of mens shoes

There are many different styles of men’s shoes, each with its characteristics. The styles of shoes that first became popular during the nineteenth century include the Balmoral, the Brogue, and the ankle boot. They were made of leather, cloth, or silk during this time. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the most extravagant styles of mens shoes were called “Poulaine,” or “Pikes,” which had incredibly pointed toes that were sometimes four inches long.


The traditional wing-tip style features a cap that extends beyond the toes. This distinctive style is usually enhanced by broguing. Another style is the apron toe. This type of toe has a line stitched across the top, giving it the appearance of an apron. These types of shoes are most commonly found on loafers. These styles make them easy to pair with a variety of different outfits.



The upper part of a men’s shoe is made from different fabrics. Leather is the most popular one, but other materials like canvas, denim and satin are also popular. They all offer different qualities. A good fabric is breathable and comfortable. The material may look expensive but is often easy to clean and maintain. The type of material used for the soles of the shoes also determines the pair’s comfort.



A dark colour can enhance the look of your pants and trousers. Muted khaki or charcoal-coloured chinos go well with this colour. Dark navy and charcoal trousers also look great with dark brown shoes. If you’re wearing a more formal outfit, you can opt for shoes in this colour. If you’re not sure what colour will look best on you, consider wearing a neutral colour such as black. However, if you’re going for a bold colour like red, you can try a brighter one like navy.


A traditional dresser may have a blazer and a suit in a neutral colour. But sophisticated dressers don’t wear brown or blue leather dress shoes. Instead, they should wear brown or light brown shoes. But reddish-brown shoes are the exception. Choose a complementary shade for an evening out. The same is true for a day at the office. A brown lace-up shoe may look great with a dark suit.


Lacing system

There are two basic types of lace systems for mens shoes. These methods involve crisscrossing the laces, which reduces friction and wear. A diagonal system, in contrast, has the laces running two steps forward and one step back. This system is the preferred method for smarter shoes. Listed below are some tips for lacing smarter men’s shoes. Also listed below are some examples of using different types of lace systems.


Straight lacing systems feature a straight bar with hidden verticals on the inside. These tend to be more common in European shoes. A hidden knot on the inside provides a distinct look and relieves pressure on the upper ridge of the foot. However, the more convoluted path on the inside consumes more shoelaces. This type of lacing is used in formal shoes. It’s also common for high-fashion sneakers.



Men’s shoes have long played a symbolic role in society. In general, men prefer brown or black shoes to other colours. While mens shoes can depend on his mood, he tends to stick to stable colours, such as black or brown. It is also important to note that he should not choose bright colours that could make him look foolish. The following is a brief overview of the various design styles of men’s shoes.


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