What Can a Podiatrist Do For Your Health?

If you have recently visited a podiatrist Adelaide, you may be wondering what kind of practice he or she specialises in and how long has he or she been practising. The field of podiatry is a very specific one, so you want to find a well-educated practitioner in this area. A podiatrist treats mostly injuries, diseases of the foot and ankle, corns and calluses, fractures, orthopedics, injuries caused by sports accidents, diseases of the spine, fractures of the arms or legs, painful illnesses, painful gout, fractures of the skull, spinal cord injuries, hand surgery, kidney and liver disease, emotional distress, congenital disabilities, facial injuries, and much more. A podiatrist can perform all of these kinds of medical procedures, depending on his or her specific field of expertise. This article will take a closer look at some of the most common conditions that podiatrists treat.

One of the most common conditions treated by a podiatrist is arthritis. Arthritis occurs when the body’s joints gradually deteriorate due to age, stress, or infection. To diagnose arthritis, a doctor performs a physical examination, tests the patient’s temperature and blood pressure and takes a full medical history. If your doctor diagnoses arthritis, he or she will likely prescribe a medicine to help slow the progression of the disease and prescribe various other forms of treatment. Your podiatrist is also likely to suggest an exercise program for you to follow to strengthen your joints and give you relief from pain.

podiatrist-adelaidePodiatrists also often treat a wide range of foot conditions, including a variety of foot illnesses. Among the most popular ailments treated by a podiatrist are shin splints, tendinitis, bursitis, corns and calluses, hammer toe, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and many foot conditions that can be associated with several other conditions. You should always talk with your podiatrist Adelaide before taking any medication or using any exercise equipment. A good medical history is essential for a complete diagnosis.

Many sports injuries can be treated by a podiatrist Adelaide. In some cases, foot fractures may need to be repaired, but this is rare. A typical day at a podiatrist’s office involves:

  • Examining the patient.
  • Evaluating the injury.
  • Checking the leg muscles and tendons.
  • Discussing a treatment plan.

Most podiatrists also treat athletes and those who play sports, such as tennis, football, basketball, baseball, skiing, horseback riding, motor cross biking, etc. Many foot injuries come from contact with sports equipment such as football cleats.

Unlike primary care medical doctors, podiatrists receive specialised training from an accredited college, university, or program. Unlike most medical doctors, podiatrists have a master’s degree in athletic medicine, so they have more training than most doctors. They are board-certified in orthopedics and are expected to have additional credentials in inpatient care, such as a degree from a podiatrist-oriented hospital.

In general, podiatrists treat patients with foot and ankle injuries, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, disorders of the cardiovascular system and cerebral palsy. They can treat fractures, traumatic injuries, sprains and ligament tears, dislocations and injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons, who treat disorders of the spine and related areas, are not considered podiatrists. Podiatrists, unlike orthopedic surgeons, specialise in treating disorders of the spine. When it comes to treating disorders of the spine, orthopedic surgeons are the second most common type of physician after cardiologists.