A New Silk Laundry Collection From SilkWool

Silk Laundry, an online business from Australia, is one of many online companies specialising in unique women’s clothing that use silk or other natural fibres as a construction material. Silk is said to be even softer than cashmere. Its lightweight, the natural sheen is claimed by some to be comparable to cashmere but with a much softer feel. So what makes Silk Laundry Adelaide different from other online businesses selling women’s clothing?

According to its designer: “Silk Laundry Adelaide has been perceived as a chore that people do without feeling guilty. It is part of everyday life but rarely appreciated. That’s why we make laundry easy and stylish, without compromising our ethics and the quality of our products.” The company offers a wide range of clothing and accessories that uses silk, including accessories such as shirts, sweaters, skirts, blouses and lingerie. With kolodinksi’s creative design concepts and expertly produced garments, silk lingerie and panties, the business offers fashion-forward alternatives to the traditional laundry business.

The business’s website promises “no special occasion – every woman can take pride in her wardrobe and experience the freedom of not having to take time out of her busy schedule to do laundry.” In addition to offering an extensive line of women’s clothing, Silk Laundry also sells lingerie, accessories, shapewear and swimwear. It is a one-stop solution for women who want convenience and variety in their clothing and accessories. “Laundry was traditionally seen as a female chore, something that only women had to do. Now we’re making it convenient and stylish for everyone to do and take pride in their looks.” In addition to the convenience of not having to wash and dry clothes, many of the silk items have a unique design, she said, such as the shaper briefs, which is “designed to lengthen your torso without bulking up, and has a sleek and feminine curvature”.

There are also many different colours and designs available for Silk Laundry Adelaide, she continued, adding that each piece is “hand made by top designers”. The website offers silk blouses, shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts and swimsuits in the fashion mentioned above. Women can also choose from two main design themes: the “Dress” theme and the “Spa” theme. The “Dress” collection includes everything in the “Dress” line, including dresses, t-shirts, blouses and bathing suits. The “Spa” theme, which includes bikinis, shorts and skirts, includes pieces for the women who like the spa experience but do not necessarily want to go to the spa.

“It’s a unique and beautiful way to dress yourself, or enhance your style that is both practical and stylish at the same time”, she concluded. The site allows women to create their fashion boutique, she added, explaining that women can use silk fabric to dress in a “Dress” outfit or create the “Spa” look with pieces from the “Spider webs” collection. The main aim of the business is to provide high quality, affordable clothing items, she said. While many people may think that it’s only women who use silk, the company also makes “men’s” silk laundry wear, she added. There are also silk underskirts, t-shirts and shorts, according to the website. It’s hoped that this new line will appeal to women everywhere.

Silk can be mixed and matched with different materials and textures, including cashmere, wool and cotton. Silk is so soft, he continued, that it’s “the best cloth for infants”.