Are Weighted Blankets Adelaide Really Effective? Let’s Find Out

Weighted blankets have been gaining a lot of popularity and recognition as of late. The reason is because of its ability to cure sleeplessness and anxiety. However, is it really the case? Can weighted blankets Adelaide effectively cure your insomnia and anxiety issues? We tried it ourselves for a couple of weeks, and have concluded that IT DOES!



As much as we try to avoid getting into the hype, we can’t discredit weighted blankets for what they can do. They’re incredibly amazing, to say the least. Here are some of the benefits that we’ve listed throughout the course of us using it.


It Eases Insomnia!

People who haven’t experienced insomnia tend to dismiss it as a mere bump in an otherwise smooth road of quality sleep. However, if you’re one of over 20 million Australians who suffer from the condition, you know exactly how it feels and how frustrating it can be. However, research has shown that a form of therapy called deep touch pressure stimulation promotes the release of serotonin – a chemical that regulates sleep. A weighted blanket is known for providing this kind of treatment. It gives the right amount of pressure to provide you with that much needed blissful sleep that you’ve long wanted.


Helps Correct Your Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory processing disorder is a kind of “traffic jam” that’s going on in your brain. It goes something like this: information gets in, then gets clogged and jumbled up along the way like the rest. This phenomenon in your mind can lead to frustrations, meltdowns, and anxiety. Fortunately, studies have also confirmed that weighted blankets Adelaide can produce a calming effect on people with a sensory processing disorder.


Reduces Anxiety

Because it can calm you down, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, weighted blankets also can relieve you from anxiety. It feels a lot like getting a firm hug – except you don’t have to ask anyone to do that for you.


Fights Back Against Stress

Because it eases your mind and helps you achieve quality sleep, it’s safe to say that a weighted blanket can prevent stress and help you eliminate it from your system. You will wake up in a better disposition and ready to face the world with a smile.

Improves Sleep Quality

Finally, it’s no longer a secret that weighted blankets enhance your quality of sleep. From everything that was mentioned, the reason why it happens is that weighted blankets help improve your sleep quality. That way, you can prevent anxiety, stress, insomnia, and even sleeping disorders.


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