How to Prune a Palm Tree

When it comes palm tree pruning, there is a common myth that frequent pruning ensures fast worth growth, but the opposite is true. Before pruning yourself, you should consider hiring a palm tree care professional and know some these tips for palm tree pruning Gold Cost.

Reasons to prune a palm tree

Palms get the requirements from the green fronds on the tree. When you remove too many of it, the growth will slow down, and the palm tree becomes more susceptible to diseases and pests. Therefore, pruning should be done right or else your palm tree will die or have stunted growth rate. Most palm trees grow a new palm leaf only when one dies, so it’s essential not to trim too often. Experts recommend pruning when it’s necessary. Remove only the blown and yellow fronds. These way, you will make your palm tree tidy and also prevent insects and rodents from attacking your palm tree.

How to Prune a Palm Tree

Palm tree pruning experts will remove yellow, blown and broken fronds, along with palm fruits and flowers stalks. The fruit and flowers use energy that could go into the growth of fronds. The fruitsare also collected since they can stain sidewalks and cause a safety hazard for people and cars below the tree.Palm Tree Pruning Gold Cost

When the green leaves must be removed, only prune those that droop at an angle below a parallel line to the ground.

Those loose petioles on the trunk should be removed by hand. If they cannot be handpicked, they should stay on the tree to ensure you avoid using tools.

For tall palm trees, one need to use a cherry picker, ladders or other climbing gear that will not hurt the palm tree. The climbing spike although are still used by some homeowners and experts, they harm the tree and can as well spread diseases, and that is why they should be avoided where possible. Also, all the tools, especially those that are used to prune and trim should be cleaned and disinfected before and after use.

Finally, even as you do the pruning, you should know that palms should never be cut on the crown. If you cut it, the crown won’t grow back on the shorter trunk, and the will not branch. Instead, this kills the tree.

What to look for in a palm tree pruning expert

The best way to prune your palm tree is to hire a professional palm tree pruning Gold Costcompany. However, getting the right service provider is not easy. Therefore, you need to look for things like licenses which will show or prove that the tree surgeon has gone through the necessary training to be able to handle the work. Also, check for reference and ensure that they have had a good reputation with their past clients. Experience is also essential when hiring such services. Also, make sure that the experts you are working with can offer you affordable pruning services. Last but not least, ensure that the experts you are hiring are licensed. With liability insurance, all damages and injuries can be handled by the insurance company, and you need not spend a penny on such issues. If you get such a palm tree care company, you are in the right hands.