How Do You Know If Your Walls Need Rendering?

The fact that you’re reading this article implies that you’re contemplating about having your walls rendered. However, you are not entirely sure if it is a home improvement project that you must prioritise. You think there are other pressing concerns like the damaged tiles on your bathroom or a landscape that requires your attention.

Well, we are here to provide you with some thoughts on the signs that tell you it is time to proceed with a rendering project for your wall. Click to See our extensive collection of images of our previous projects or you can read the rest of this article to figure out if you need rendering right now.

1 – Your walls are too old.

If your house is a decade old, it means that the walls are no longer in excellent shape. You already see cracks and damages, plus the exterior colour has faded away due to the prolonged exposure to the weather elements. Living in an old house that is more than a decade old usually entails that rendering might bring your walls back to life.

A Rendering Adelaide project on your old walls will give you the chance to restore its excellent aesthetic quality and bring back the natural colour. Likewise, rendering your walls means giving the structure a few more years right before you decide to do something drastic about it. In other words, you won’t have to worry about compromising the aesthetic and structural integrity of your house or building because rendering preserves the walls.

2 – You plan to build a new home.

Your new house wouldn’t be complete without new walls. You should know that even new walls need protection, which is why rendering makes sense if you’re building a new house. We recommend that you apply a fresh coat of rendering soon after your walls are built. The purpose is to protect it from the weather elements.

Once the construction is about to wrap up, you can apply a second and final coating of renders, the purpose of which is to secure your walls and guarantee that it will last for years with minimal maintenance. A successful application of renders ensures the longevity of your walls and will likewise strengthen it. The rendering project ensures that it will withstand any wear and tear for at least a decade.

3 – The walls need a makeover.

The exterior walls of a house or building require a makeover, and rendering is part of the process. Before you put a fresh coat of paint, the render is applied since it sets the tone. You will use a transparent render if you plan on repainting the walls.

So, those are the instances that will tell you it’s about time to invest in a Rendering Adelaide project for your walls.