What Is Office Fit Outs SA? Get to Know This Office Essential

For people who are involved in organising a new office space fit-out or refurbishment, it can be unclear as to who is responsible for what process they are taking — determining how each level of the project will impact the overall result. That’s why it’s essential for each of the people involved to get familiar with office fit outs SA.

What Is Office Fit Outs SA?

Office fit out is the process of creating interior spaces that are suitable for office operation and occupation. It’s utterly different from structural work that relates to the building fabric. In most cases, the base construction is executed and finished by the developer while a different specialist handles the final fit out. The office manager or the CEO appoint all of them.

Office fit outs SA offers an extensive range of different forms, all depending on the degree of completion of the building and the requirement of the employees.

The Shell & Core Of Office Fit Outs SA

The shell and core of an office fit out usually covers the structure, base plant, cladding, common areas, and other external works. This project extends outward to main lobbies, reception areas, toilets, lift shafts, staircases, basements, car park areas, loading bays, and more!

Different kinds of Fit-outs

Office fit outs SA have some different categories available. These categories include the following:

Category A – generally relates to the level of fit out that the developer completes employee space. There’s no standard definition of this category. However, it’s expected that it will include the following:

Raised floors and suspended ceilings

Internal surface finishes

Office blinds

Mechanical & electrical services

Category B Office Fit Outs SA – the completion of the internal space fit-outs. This fit-out meets the specific requirements stated by each employee and other occupants of the space. Category B includes the following:

Installation of:


IT and audio-visual equipment

specialist lighting

offices and break-out areas

meeting rooms

Final finishes and branding

Reception & kitchen areas

There are more categories that office fit outs SA provides. For a full list of these categories, visit our official website.

Acquire Office Fit Outs Now!

Office fit outs are necessary for making sure that your office will look great and fully-functional. It provides useful and essential facilities that employees and managers will surely love. Apply for an office fit outs today!