Choosing the Right Door Handles for Your Doors

A door handle is a handle typically used to open or shut a door. Door handles are available on all kinds of doors, including internal and external doors, closet doors, patio doors, wooden doors, and vehicle doorways. There are various styles of door handles based on the proper usage. Most homeowners tend to disregard this simple piece of equipment until it becomes damaged or broken.

The most common door handles are the lever and knob. Lever door handles can have one or both lever arms, while the more complex knobs are either a spindle arm or a tumbler arm. A spindle arm is a straight shaft with at least one projecting point. Tumbler arms usually consist of two shafts with at least one projecting point.

Door handles may be single-use or double-use. Single-use handles are typically used on interior doors to lift them and release their locks. A double-use handle can be used to lock or unlock the door. Some examples of double-use door handles are combination locks, deadbolts, and knobbed handles.

Some door handles are comprised of a metal body attached to a knob with a bar or a clip. Such door handles are commonly found in residential homes or in offices. Some examples of this type are: cylinder locks, deadbolt locks, and keyed doors. Examples of a clip-on door handle are screw-on and retractable latches.

Door handles have an added benefit that they add to the overall security of your home or office. Some homeowners opt for exterior door handles that can serve as additional security devices for the home or office. Many times, homeowners will install outside door handles that are attached to their exterior door sensors. This allows them to be aware of anyone who might be trying to enter the home or office. The added benefit of such door handles is that they allow homeowners to easily arm or disarm their entry systems.

If you’re looking for a decorative door handle that you want to use on your exterior door hardware, you should take a look at the brass doorknob set. Brass doorknobs have an antique look that is very pleasing to the eye. There are also a variety of options when it comes to selecting the finish of the brass doorknobs.

You can choose from a variety of finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, or nickel. When choosing which type of finish is right for your door handles, you’ll likely want to consider the look and style of the rest of the exterior doors in your home or office; click for info.