Why Gutters Need Guards From DIY Gutter Guard Kits Online

One of the things that homeowners often overlook is their gutters – at least until they start leaking. It’s essential to choose the best gutters that you can find and learn how to care for them before the rainy season arrives. You can buy gutters and downspouts in a variety of materials including:


  • aluminium
  • steel
  • copper
  • vinyl


However, Installing the best gutters that money can buy will not do you any good if you do not include installing guards you can get from DIY Gutter Guard Kits Online. You will be spending your weekends doing gutter maintenance and cleaning. Let us look at what you need to go through to clean your gutters.


Cleaning the Gutter

To clean gutters that do not have guards, you need a ladder, a garden trowel (or a spoon made from an antifreeze container), a bucket lined with garbage bags, a hose and a cloth. If you encounter serious clogs, you might need a plumbing snake.


Use a trowel or scooper to take the leaves and debris from the gutter. A bucket or a bag will come in handy to collect the rotten debris.


After the gutters have been cleaned, check downspouts for any clogs by inserting a hose that has some rough fabric wrapped around it. Get down from your ladder, or if you have a helper, get the water turned on to the full stream. Check to make sure the water flows freely from the end of the downspout.


If the downspout has a clog that can’t be cleaned with water pressure, use a snake plumber to break it down, then use a hose to clean the remaining debris. After the downspout runs freely,  rinse the gutter thoroughly with a hose.


Inspection and Repair

After cleaning, check and repair gutters and downspouts as needed. Make sure all hangers are tied securely and use a carpenter’s level to verify that the gutters have the right slope and therefore will not hold water.


Once you think your gutters are safe and have the correct slope, check for leaks by running water on them using a hose. Mark any holes. Allow the gutter to dry thoroughly before patching them with a rubber sealant.


If sealing does not stop the leak, disassemble if possible, clean all parts, and reseal.


As you can see, maintaining your gutters to avoid roof leaks can be very involved and overwhelming – a weekend may not be enough!



The best thing to do is to install gutter guards from DIY Gutter Guard Kits Online. These guards you can install on one weekend; after that, you can put away your ladder since you won’t need it for a long while! You can also reserve the coming weekends spending quality time with your loved ones – why not book that vacation to get away from the rainy season!